A collaboration platform built over Google apps to organize and work on individual or group assignments.

AssignmentHero is the fastest way to accomplish great things together.

One platform to productively create, share, and discuss

Responsibilities and next steps are clear, so you can shoot for the "A" and get there.

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Whether you have an individual assignment, or need to work with a group, AssignmentHero helps you work better.

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Keep all your assignments in one place. Use the dashboard to get a quick overview of your progress.

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Create documents, spreadsheets or presentation slides using the familiar Google docs, sheets and slides.

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Share and discuss documents and your team's files in one place that's accessible anywhere by anyone.

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What Users Say?

1st year Biomedicine

I love how the app allowed me to add deadlines for each task so that I can keep track of its progress. AssignmentHero is a really useful tool for procrastinators like me haha..

3rd year Arts

We currently have a big group assignment we are working on and AssignmentHero is really helping us to work together without having to meet at Starbucks every week.

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